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Collapsible carriage on the LH2000, lighter and easier to
carry to the work site

LH2000 Roofing Hoist

• Lightweight design, 50 lbs. lighter than our LH200.
• Base attached to an 4’ track section with reinforced steel side plates, adds strength and minimizes wear.
• Unitized design, fewer parts, stronger, less maintenance.
• Non-Slip Carriage Deck.
• Spring Loaded Safety Latch, to hold carriage when transporting.
• Oven baked, black powder coat finish.
• Wide foot plate.
• Permanent safety information.
• Large foot pads for added stability.
• Strong, lightweight aluminum track sections.
• Versatile brake handle attaches to either side.
• Lift up to 44 feet with additional track sections and support braces purchased separately.
• Multi-purpose bracket to hoist plywood or rolled goods included.

NEW! "Quick Change" feature: makes drive belt and
drum bearing replacement simpler.


New Plywood Brackets Included


Access Pack (sold separately)
For use with solar panels and other building materials.
Part #48465


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