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Commercial Roof Anchor
Part# 48591 - Welded Galvanized Steel Roof Anchorage Device

Strength Rating: 5,000 lbs.
Capacity: 310 lbs. (Worker with Tools)
U-rod Cross Section: .625”
Base: 16” x 16” Square
Base thickness: 3/8”
Fasteners Included:
40 pcs #14 x 2.5” Type A
Milled Point Deck Screws

Roof Anchors must be installed and spaced a maximum of 20 ft. apart. Installation around the perimeter of the leading edge areas is recommended to ensure compliance and allow the user to easily switch from anchor to anchor. Recommended spacing is between 6 and 10 ft. from edge of roof. Do not install the roof anchor on unsupported roof structures such as overhangs or inadequately secured decking.

This fall arrest anchor is for single and multiple users on a low slope roof application (4/12 pitch or less). A Horizontal Line Fall Restraint System for up to four workers may be installed using multiple roof anchors when properly designed.

Installation of any fall arrest system incorporating this Roof Anchor must be certified by a qualified engineering service or individual.

Opitional Accessories:

48592 Commercial Anchor Flashing
48593 Commercial Riser Cap

Installation Instructions:
Commercial Roof Anchor Part #48591



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